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How to Self-Publish

a.k.a. ‘Sold 100,000+ books & got the T-shirt’

Would you like to know all about self publishing from someone who has been doing it for 10 years? And someone who has been involved in publications and publishing for almost 30 years?

My name is Martin Bull and I have successfully self-published six books, selling over 70,000 copies.

I’ve also licensed three books to be sold all over the world by PM Press who’ve sold over 30,000 copies, and I’ve even had a book translated and published in South Korea – I can only read about 5 words of it so I hope they did a good job.

To give people a taste of the topic I am hoping to offer talks / seminars in the future, and may even write a book about self-publishing (slight irony there…).

Watch this space, and please contact me if you need help / advice.